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The Health 4.0 and Continuity of Care area presents itself as the main application area of our laboratory. Within the broad portfolio of projects, special importance is given to the implementation of new solutions that use cutting-edge technologies and to support the valorisation and impact of these solutions. Our goal is to accelerate the access to the market for innovative products and services, combining the approaches of technology offer (technology push) and market demand (market pull).

Experience in national and international projects includes: H2020, EIT Health, AAL JP, INTERREG, PT2020, ERASMUS+

Given the experience as well as the presence in several networks, LAS represents great potential for any partner who wants to collaborate.

Main networks in which LAS operates: EIT Health, EIP on AHA, Ageing@Coimbra, WAITRO, EARTO, euRobotics, DIATOMIC

Contact us to explore potential collaborations for Horizonte Europa - Cluster 1 and 4, or other programs - focused on the areas specified below, by contacting - ipnlas-proposals@ipn.pt



Acting in the cutting-edge technologies of domain, LAS has focused its activities on the design of systems, architecture and development of solutions in the areas of Telemedicine, Hospital @ Home and Home Care, involving for example:
Embedded Systems: Embedded devices with artificial vision, Unobtrusive Sensing, Embedded Artificial Intelligence
Collaborative Robotics: Robotic application with tele-operation and co-manipulation, Human-Machine Interaction
Internet of Bodies (IoB): Self-monitoring devices, Devices connected to the body, Interactive artificial agents and multimodal user interfaces, ensuring privacy and security issues


COORDINATOR: Cristiana Costa

Laboratory for Automatics and Systems highlights the importance of the activities of valorisation of R&D to accelerate solutions market reach that will solve real healthcare problems.

Coming from a detected need of the ecosystem, we value and support the promotion of R&D impact on health, through initiatives such as - validation and evaluation of medical devices, promotion of seminars, bootcamps and courses focused on training for the exploration of research results - which are intended to train and provide entrepreneurs and the ecosystem tools in our domain and subdomains:

Impact Assessment and Certification

early-stage Health Technology Assessment, with Know-how to assess, measure and communicate the impact and value of its technologies (medical devices or digital health)
supporting the digitalisation of industry, through the coordination and dynamization of networks and platforms - DIATOMIC DIH Health, the PROCURA network and the ROSIA Platform- which seek to promote digital transformation in health
Identify the path for the certification of your medical devices - Medical Devices and Medical Devices in vitro - in the topics of regulatory matters, quality and CE marking