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Innovation Fellowships
Innovation Fellowships


The EIT Health Fellowships network is a comprehensive health innovation activity that presents a unique learning experience for participants. The network bridges gaps between industry, academia, and the public sector through the close integration of the programs about the need-led innovation. In doing so, the network provides a platform with unrivalled impact and reach for the learners, granting them access to leading institutions and a diverse group of peers to create products and services that impact patients’ lives.


The EIT Health Fellowship Network consists of three programs - Innovation Fellowships, Starship, and PhD Transition Fellowships.
The goals are to:
1. Educate cross-industry learners in needs-driven innovation in healthcare through an intensive 8-10 month education in multidisciplinary teams in tight interaction with real healthcare settings (Innovation Fellowships);
2. Train a pan-European set of learners in needs-driven innovation in healthcare in four academic one-week workshops and company visits, tackling concrete innovation challenges proposed by industry partners (Starship);
3. Address the funding gap between completion of the doctoral thesis and obtaining further seed funding in addition to providing entrepreneurship and need-driven innovation skills training to learners in two one-week workshops (PhD Transition Fellowships).

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EIT Health
EIT Health



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12 meses


0007 - ATOS Spain S.A.
0015 - Universidad de Navarra
0020 - Karolinska Institutet
0022 - Københavns Universitet (University of Copenhagen)
0023 - Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
0032-EXIT - RISE Research Institute of Sweden Holding AB
0040 - The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford
0045 - Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
0047 - Universite Grenoble Alpes
0048 - Sorbonne Université
0065 - Biocat, la Fundació Bioregió
0084 - GE Hungary
0091 - Instituto Pedro Nunes
0096 - Leiden University Medical Center
0103 - National University of Ireland
0125 - Universidade de Coimbra
0128 - Universität zu Köln
0132 - Uniwersytet Medyczny w Łodzi
0148 - Celon Pharma Ltd
0161 - GLINTT - Global Intelligent Technologies, S.A.
0174 - Medicen Paris Region





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