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FITOLAB (Laboratory for Phytopathology) works on the detection of and research into plant pests and diseases with the aim of improving plant health in agriculture and forestry.

What we do

We provide specialized services within the scope of official controls of plant health, seeking in parallel to respond to the increase of activities in the field of detection and investigation of pests and diseases of horticultural, fruit and forest species.

Fitolab is designated by the General Direction of Agriculture and Veterinary as "Official Laboratory" for the detection of Harmful Quarantine Organisms.

Fitolab is accredited by the Instituto Português Acreditação (IPAC), according to the normative reference NP EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018, you can consult here the Accreditation Technical Annex.

The study of the microbiome present in diverse matrices is another area of expertise of FITOLAB. This approach allows to determine the structural diversity of communities, as well as their relative abundance, associating a prediction about their presence and potential function for the environment/ecosystem.

FITOLAB is supervised by researchers and teachers connected to the Functional Ecology Center of the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Coimbra, being the link between the excellence knowledge of academia and the search for innovative solutions to market challenges. FITOLAB thus brings together skills, knowledge and responsiveness, ensuring quality and speed in evaluations.

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Fields of activity

Total diversity of microorganisms (plants, soil and substrates)

Fields of activity

Total diversity of microorganisms (plants, soil and substrates)


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