Instituto Pedro Nunes
IPN     IPN Incubadora

We provide applied research services and technological development to companies, responding to their requests (market pull) or by transfer to technology companies we have developed (technology push), always looking for technology that they can easily assimilate.

We operate in the following technological areas:

Automation of industrial production lines
Innovation and robotic implementation in industrial production lines
Rational use of energy and energetic auditing
Quality control based on vision and laser
Image treatment and archive
Instrumentation and measurement
Computer assisted maintenance
Identification of products and people in transit through RFID
Monitoring of processes using wireless instrumentation (Wireless Sensor Networks, Wi-Fi, GPRS and others)
Identification and tracking through iButtons e SmartCards
Medical imaging
Computer based finite elements for electromagnetic projects
Systems development for supporting urban mobility
eHealth and Quality of Life
Ambient Assisted Living