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The Laboratory for Automatics and Systems provide know-how and infrastructure to companies being specialized it’s RTD.

We respond to market challenges (market push), offering our consulting RTD services for the development, prototyping and production of embedded systems and electronics, including printed circuit board design and firmware development in several application areas.
Embedded in the offer of RTD consulting services, our laboratory emphasizes our expertise in the sub-domains of:

Embedded Systems: Edge Computing, Embedded devices with artificial vision, Embedded Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Vision, Non-Intrusive Sensing
Internet of Bodies (IoB): Internet of Things (IoT), Self-monitoring devices, Devices connected to the body
A particular case of our RTD consulting services is the Ground to Cloud, focused on the optimization, monitoring and control of processes for the digitalization of Industry. In this context, we support Industry by doing: Data Analysis of the factory floor, implementing solutions and multi-modal interfaces; Process Optimization; Sensing of facilities or equipment; Decision support in the definition of requirements and in the acquisition of software equipment or tools and; Integration with MES, ERP, or equivalent systems.


las@ipn.pt | +351 239 700 933

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