Instituto Pedro Nunes - Laboratory for Automation and Systems
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LAS (Laboratory for Automation and Systems) undertakes RTD and technology transfer activities in the fields of electronics, automation, robotics and instrumentation.

What we do

We promote ideas, thoughts, and open research processes in order to improve product development, provide better services to our customers and increase efficiency. Our work process involves the creation of new technologies, promotion and, finally, the sale of technology designed for small and medium enterprises or the creation of spin-offs.

The Laboratory for Automation and Systems highlights its knowledge and experience in the areas of expertise related to Embedded Artificial Intelligence (EAI); Collaborative Robotics; Internet of Bodies (IoB) and Medical Device Validation, Evaluation and Certification - increasingly focusing on cutting-edge technologies (CET) as a differentiating factor in the provision of specialized services.

Our activities benefit with the collaboration of researchers from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (DEEC) at the University of Coimbra and the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR).

The major part of our activity is related to technological innovation for the benefit of society.

Fields of activity

Health 4.0
Industry 4.0


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