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Physical Incubation

The Physical Incubation program requires, as the name implies, the physical installation of the company within the Incubator facilities. In this programme, the company has one or more incubation modules in which to install its activity. These incubation spaces are furnished and the company has access to a set of basic services, already included in the price: reception, security, cleaning and access to two telephone lines, among others.

The incubator currently has several spaces / incubation modules with areas of 20-28m2, 33-40 m2, 56 m2 and 66 m2, fully infra-structured with lighting, data networking, phone, etc. The 33 and 66 m2 modules also have a water supply available. The current limit for physical incubation of a company is 4 years. In special cases, duly justified and evaluated by the management of the incubator, the period may be slightly extended.

The "Space Incubator" modules correspond to the most recent incubation spaces where startups participating or alumni of the ESA BIC Portugal program and others in which space technologies are relevant are admitted as a priority.

The price applied is indexed to the area occupied by the company and is increased from one year to the next with the expectation that the company will grow. The current monthly fees, before VAT, are:

* The prices for Physical Incubation include all Basic Plan services

Virtual Incubation

The Virtual Incubation programme provides a similar range of services and facilities to the Physical Incubation programme, except for those relating to the exclusive occupation of modules or incubation areas. All projects approved in the pre-application stage are automatically approved for the Virtual Incubation programme and can start using the services and facilities provided, even while writing the proposal for the Physical Incubation programme. There are two types of virtual incubation: Start and Follow-up.


Virtual Incubation Start is aimed at entrepreneurs who have recently started their project or business but do not require a physical space. The company may not even be incorporated yet. The Virtual Incubation Start contract has an initial term of three months and may be renewed for equal periods when needed and appropriate.

€ 49/month + VAT


Graduated companies, i.e. successful projects that have completed the Physical Incubation Programme or the Virtual Start Programme (those didn’t need physical space and have only been in virtual incubation) and wish to continue to enjoy the Incubator services, may sign a new Virtual Incubation contract, in this case with the status of "Follow-up". This contract has a duration of three months, automatically renewable for equal periods.

€ 49/month + VAT


A co-work space for companies that are in Virtual Incubation Start and need to have a work-space, even if shared with other projects. Your work area includes furniture for 2 jobs, printing facilities, internet and access to the premises 24 hours a day in a room with capacity for 6 to 8 projects.

€ 99/month + VAT