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In response to requests from different types of LED&MAT customers, particularly industrial companies, but without neglecting the importance of R&D partners, the laboratory provides a wide range of differentiated services in its areas of specialisation, some of which are recognized by IPAC according to NP EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 (Accreditation Technical Annex). We perform all manner of tests, from the simplest to more complex integrated techniques in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Service requests to: ledmat.propostas@ipn.pt

Analysis and characterisation of raw materials and finished products
Mechanical properties
Chemical analysis (EDS, WDS, FRX)
Morphological analysis (high-resolution scanning electron microscopy FEGSEM and STEM)
Optical correlative analysis of particles (associated with chemical analysis EDS)
Thermal analysis (TG, DSC, dilatometry, conductivity)
Structural analysis (XRD at room T and high temperature)
Topographic analysis of surfaces (with and without contact)
Quality control
Testing of product compliance against specifications
Selection of materials
Characterisation of surfaces and their properties
Characterisation of different types of coatings
Modification of surface properties through thin coatings
Analysis of causes of failure/deterioration in service components
Studies of influence and optimisation of production process parameters
Tribological testing (determination of friction coefficients and wear rate of surfaces, efficiency of lubricated contacts)
Efficiency studies in CNC machining and turning (parameters, tools, surface finishing)
Development of materials for multiple applications in LED&MAT's areas of specialisation
Idea, design and construction of prototypes and equipment for specific testing
Setting up of proposals for RTD projects in the field of materials and their processing technologies for different financial support instruments