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EARTO brings together the most important European research and technology organisations (RTOs). IPN has actively collaborated with this network, both through participation in specific working groups activities and integrating its Executive Board from 2011 to 2014.
EBN is a network of more than 160 innovation centres and incubators certified as BICs (Business Innovation Centres), in addition to more than 100 associate members which support the development and growth of innovative projects, startups and SMEs. IPN has been BIC certified since 2010.
TII (Technology Innovation International) aggregates the different players within the innovation ecosystem, from companies to universities. It focuses on sharing good practices for innovation and technology transfer and its annual conference and summer school are the highlights of the year. IPN was integrated into the TII Executive Board from 2010 to 2014.
The University Technology Enterprise Network (UTEN) programme was established in 2007 between the Portuguese Government and the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas in Austin (UT Austin) to provide a commercialisation outlet for in-country science and technology (S&T) investments.
Red Emprendia is a network of more than 20 of the most prominent universities in Spain, Portugal and Latin America which promotes responsible innovation and entrepreneurial projects. Its members have a strong commitment to economic growth, environmentally friendly initiatives and the improvement of quality of life. The network promotes a wide range of training activities for professionals in the areas of education for entrepreneurship, innovation, incubation and networking events and softlanding services for companies located in the business incubators of its members.
The Technopolicy Network brings together experts and regional development professionals. It organises two conferences each year, one on regional innovation and another about science-based incubators in which the prize for "best science-based incubator" is awarded. IPN’s Business Incubator was the winner of that award in 2010 and the organiser of the annual conference in 2013.
The European I3H network - Incubating Internet Innovation Hubs , brings together more than 20 European incubators and accelerators and aims to promote entrepreneurship and innovation based on the Future Internet technologies. It has the support of the European Commission (FI -Ware technologies ) and the network of ICT - Labs of the Community of Knowledge and Innovation for Information Technologies and Communication of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
As a centre for competitiveness and technology, TICE.PT aims to build a consultation forum involving and mobilising the main TICE (Information and Communication Technologies and Electronics) players in innovation processes, RTD, knowledge transfer, advanced training, development, production and commercialisation of products and services, marketing and internationalisation. IPN has been part of the Executive Board since its foundation.
HCP is an internationally oriented centre for competitiveness and national technology in healthcare, anchored in existing skills and potential with particular emphasis on the promotion of knowledge and targeting the global market.
The Pool-Net Association is the entity responsible for the promotion of the centre for engineering and tooling competitiveness and technology, particularly through the implementation of the strategy for collective efficiency created for this sector.
The InovCluster (Association for the Agro-Industrial Cluster in the Central Region) operates in the agro-industrial sector, covering areas such as milk and dairy, wine and vineyard, olive oil, grains, meat, fish, honey and fruit and vegetables. The Central Region Agro-Industrial Cluster the provides its members with a range of services to promote this economic sector.
Tecparques works towards the promotion and enhancement of Science and Technology Parks and their interaction with other organisations, whether national or international, aimed at business modernisation through technology-based innovation and knowledge transfer.
BICS is the National Association of Business Innovation Centres in Portugal, a non-profit institution representing Portuguese BICs both nationally and internationally.
RIERC- Network of Business Incubators in the Central Region emerged in the central region of Portugal in 2007 in order to support all those who want to develop entrepreneurial initiatives. The network includes the participation of 12 university and/or regionally based business incubators established in this region, besides the CEC (Central Business Council). It aims to act as a representative body of its members for the promotion of their activities and their qualification and continuous improvement.
The RELACRE - Accredited Laboratories Association of Portugal exists to support and promote community laboratories, contributing to their recognition in society and the development and credibility of their activity.
INOV.C, coordinated by the University of Coimbra, has the mission of consolidating an innovation ecosystem to incorporate a full range of resources, infrastructure and dynamics in the Coimbra-Leiria Region with cross-disciplinary investments sectorally oriented to life sciences (biotechnology and health), energy (an emerging investment area in terms of technology transfer), information and communication technologies, electronics and creative industries.