Instituto Pedro Nunes
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  • What kind of companies/projects are accepted?
    The Incubator aims to support projects/companies that have the objective of developing and marketing technology-based products and/or providing innovative advanced services.
  • Does application process involve any cost to the candidate(s)?
    No. The entire application process is completely free, including the initial evaluation phase of the pre-application form and the subsequent business plan assessment.
  • Is there any age limit for applicants?
    There is no age limit for applying to the Incubator, except the requirement that at least one of the applicants is over 18 years old.
  • Does the company need to have already been created in order to apply?
    No. It is not necessary for the company to have already been created before applying. The Incubator provides all the necessary support for company set up. However, if it is already formally established, but isn't yet a mature company, this does not exclude the business from applying for entry into one of the incubation programmes offered.
  • Does the company's headquarters have to be in the Incubator?
    Not necessarily. The Incubator may allow companies into their incubation programmes that do not have their official registered office (headquarters) in the Incubator. However, in the case of Physical Incubation, companies will have to develop the activity by which their ingress was approved at the Incubator's facilities.
  • Can I apply for just the Virtual Incubation programme?
    Yes. If you don't need physical space or the space provided by the Incubator proves not to be the most appropriate for your company, you can apply for the Virtual Incubation Start programme. In these cases, the company is also supported during its development and, in a more mature phase, you may move on to the Virtual Incubation Follow-up programme.