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Care Me For Life


With the predicted increase of the elderly population in the coming decades, it has become increasingly important to develop inexpensive, easy to use services to assist elderly people in daily activities and improve their quality of life. These services must be designed while keeping in mind that human assistance may not be available at the same quality that can be provided in current or past circumstances due to the disproportion of available human caregivers and the number of elderly people in need of assistance.


The innovative idea of the project is to provide a system that simulates the way the senior was used or would like to interact, collaborate and communicate with a human life partner who would understand their emotions and assist them in carrying out daily life activities at home, expressing emotions that will motive the senior to take action.
The senior will interact intuitively with the system as it creates the illusion of communicating with a real human who understands their behaviour and emotional state and assists them appropriately. The system will provide benefits on a practical, psychological and social level enabling the person to feel self-confident enough to remain active and independent at home for longer, thus improving their wellbeing. The target group is the large group of healthy elderly people or those with slight physical or mental health problems who live at home alone and can find pleasure and relief in getting help or stimulation to carry out their daily activities.

Project Reference







Siemens (DE); UniGe (CH); ORBIS (NL); NetUnion (CH); Instituto Pedro Nunes (PT); VIVA (CH); NOLDUS (NL).



Elderly, ambient assisted living, virtual assistant, human-machine interaction, human behavior analysis.