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Ambient Assisted Living For All


The AAL4ALL project objective is to mobilise an industrial ecosystem for the distribution of products and services in the area of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), anchored in defining specific standards for products and services. Throughout the project a framework will be developed that will serve as a basis for the development of detailed technical requirements and specifications for products and services that aim to operate in this market.


The project plans to develop regulations for certification procedures to enable the creation of laboratory tests to assess the conformity and interoperability of future products and services. In order to derive the architecture and framework, all industrial partners, scientific and public institutions must agree on a basic standard for products and services that will enable the segmentation of markets and the creation of new business models.

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Programa COMPETE
Programa COMPETE




Microsoft Portugal; INESC Porto; Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto; Universidade do Minho; CASO; Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research; ISCTE; Associação CCG/ZGDV; CITEVE; CRITICAL HEALTH; EXATRONIC; INOV INESC Inovação; INOVAMAIS; INTELLICARE; Universidade da Beira Interior; FCT-UNL; PLUX; PT Inovação e Sistemas; Universidade do Porto; PROCESS.NET; OPTIMUS; Conforto em Casa; CeNTITVC; Universidade de Aveiro; PPIISD; BE ARTIS; Glintt; Instituto Pedro Nunes.



Ambient assisted living, monitoring, eHealth