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Fire Detection and Monitoring


Forest fire detection systems usually make use of technologies based on satellites, video cameras or a combination of both. These approaches do not cover all possible scenarios (e.g. fire in the vicinity of critical infrastructures) and can be seriously affected by weather conditions (e.g. dense clouds, fog and storms) which influence their monitoring and response capabilities.


The FireTrack approach constitutes a complement to the satellite and video camera based systems which can overcome their limitations through the use of state of the art technologies in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), with special emphasis on proximity security. One of the main benefits of this system is the minimisation of both fire detection time and error rates by using data analysis algorithms in real time and classification mechanisms, facilitiating a more dynamic cooperation with the authorities. Given the importance of alerting the official authorities (e.g. firefighters) quickly, this system can increase their responsiveness. In short, an early warning will have a beneficial impact on the preservation of the environment, fauna and flora, and will contribute towards saving human lives.

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Programa COMPETE




MediaPrimer; Instituto Pedro Nunes; ADAI; ISA.



fire detection, WSN, real time, alert