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Mindflow Academy


Mindflow Academy is a technological solution that, using scientific principles of motivation and learning processes such as neurolinguistic programming, principles of gamification and positive psychology, focuses on transforming traditional training content into mobile digital games. This solution consists of two main elements: a Mobile Application (Android and iOS) for trainees and a BackOffice for trainers.

Through the application of a qiz, Mindflow Academy makes use of mechanisms associated with games, such as the awarding of points or badges to increase the motivation of the trainees. These elements are carefully thought out and adjusted to increase levels of learning and knowledge retention. The system ensures that users learn through trial-and-error, and cooperation and competition strategies, which reinforce positive personal experiences.

In the Backoffice, trainers can monitor, in real time, the performance of each trainee, such as knowledge retention, accuracy, time spent playing, rankings, etc.

All elements of the game can be adjusted according to the needs of each client.


Mindflow - Desenvolvimento Pessoal e Organizacional Lda




Xamarin; C#; .NET; Azure; SQLServer; AngularJS; Kendo; Bootstrap


Training; Gamification; Mobile development; EdTech