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Health Technology Assessment

What can you expect from us?

You can expect our service to provide a comprehensive Health Technology Assessment to your company, guiding you from the paper prototyping stage of your product all the way to pre-market readiness.

How can we add value to your project?

Throughout the assessment process, we aim to uncover any issues or challenges your product may face in terms of usability, satisfaction, and ease of use. As experts in health technology assessment, we can add significant value to your project in the following ways:

  • SUS (system-usability scale)
  • PSSUQ (post-study system usability questionnaire)
  • USE (usefulness, satisfaction and ease of use)
  • Early Issue Identification
  • Enhanced User Satisfaction: This assessment from the stage when the product is still at a paper prototyping stage until the pre-market readiness, uncovers issues when they are easy and cheap to solve
Our service offers a comprehensive Health Technology Assessment that spans the entire product development lifecycle. We bring value to your project by identifying usability issues early on, providing cost-effective solutions, and enhancing user satisfaction.

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