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3D Prototyping Printing Services

What can you expect from us?

You can count on us to enhance your project with IPN’s proven experience in Additive Manufacturing (AM) value chain, supported by an in-house R&D team specialized to work in close collaboration with SMEs and industry, from the very beginning of the application development up to the final output.

How can we add value to your project?

The vast and solid knowledge acquired with Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) since the 80s (with feedstocks formulations, debinding and sintering concepts very similar to those used in AM indirect processes) allowed IPN to take advantage and push these applications to cutting-edge solutions. IPN is ready to add value to your project by implementing the following services:

  • Raw materials characterization (powders and polymers) though different techniques characterization (density, particle size analysis, surface area, x-ray diffraction, thermal analysis)
  • Feedstocks formulation based on evaluation through Critical Powder Volume Concentration (CPVC)
  • Filament production from feedstocks
  • 3D object shaping (3D printing)
  • Debinding and sintering in an inert atmosphere
  • Morphological (Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDS/WDS) and mechanical (according to ISO standards) part characterization
Concerning polymeric AM, IPN services go far beyond the construction of the 3D object. We can also bring to your project our expertise to support applications that consider 4D printing, mainly with shape memory polymers.

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