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Artificial Intelligence

What can you expect from us?

It doesn't matter what your business field is, if your project requires AI competencies, you can reach us to help you developing and implementing AI techniques and mechanisms.

How can we be an added value to your project?

Over the past years, we have been working in several national and international projects, whose main solutions were built upon AI techniques. We can help you boost your project in several domains such as:

  • Computer Vision: Recognition, classification, analysis and detection of emotions from images and videos
  • Forecasting: Predicting future events, trends and outcomes, such as time series, predictive maintenance, customer behaviour and more
  • Classification: Diagnosis, categorisation and labelling of data, such as patient symptoms, household consumption, text sentiment and more
  • Natural language processing: Understanding, generation and interaction with natural language, such as chatbots, knowledge bases, information extraction, question generation, slide show generation, anonymization and more
  • Image generation: Images from scratch or based on input data, tuned to specific requirements, using state-of-the-art solutions

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