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Ingress Chain


Financial or business transactions operate on the basis of trust between the parties involved and, in some cases, a third party is responsible for the regulation and the pillar of trust. However, the arrival of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that are based on Blockchain technology, aim to eliminate this third entity that validates transactions. Although initially Blockchain was used for Bitcoin per-to-per payments, this technology has a large variety of applications in several economic sectors, from the financial area to logistics. Through Blockchain smart contracts, it is possible to simplify transactions, eliminate third-party regulatory / certification entities, reduce procedural costs and increase information security. Thus, in this project Blockchain technology is being applied to the area of ​​access control and check-in, innovating, simplifying and increasing the security of accreditation and entry processes.


Bluetrend Technologies, Lda


Blockchain; Azure; web3.js


Blockchain; Access control