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As part of the institution's strategy, IPN.CAPACITAR-COMPETIR project aims to leverage the skills necessary to provide excellent services to the Portuguese business community, resulting in a significant increase in IPN's R&D activity, both quantitatively and qualitatively, allowing it to follow development trends. international level and achieve a relevant impact on the Portuguese market.


The IPN.CAPACITAR-COMPETIR project aims to strengthen the teams of the IPN units hiring 13 profiles, in total - 9 human resources with qualification level (RHNQ) 7 (master's degree) and 4 RHNQ 8 (doctorate) to leverage its ability to respond to market requests, which tend to increase significantly, due to market research activities for the provision of specialized services and the licensing / sale of technological assets to companies. It was approved by the CENTRO2020 Program - Hiring Highly Qualified Human Resources for Interface Institutions / Technological Infrastructures (CENTRO-59-2019-09).As part of IPN's strategic action to strengthen its position in global value chains, this project is aligned with others, specifically with:
  • FITEC project, for the valorisation of Portuguese products, through innovation, increased productivity, value creation and the incorporation of technology in the production processes of national companies, and
  • IPN.ECOA project to expand the skills of the laboratories (in terms of areas of expertise) and increase the capacity to respond to requests from the business community.


The expected strengthening of the teams will contribute for the competitive advantage of IPN in the following areas:
  • nanomaterials, advanced materials and production technologies
  • geotechnics and sustainability of geological resources
  • ICT, electronics, automation and robotics
  • agrifood, forest and environment sectors
  • innovation management, reinforcing market-oriented knowledge transfer and valorisation activities
In addition, this project will allow IPN to expand its scientific activity to new areas and sectors, according to market trends. Concretely, these HRs will reinforce the new Units of Innovation in Polymers, Tribology, Processing, as well as the new spaces of Microfabrication / Powder Technology, development in Electronics and specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

Project Reference




Intervention Region

Center of Portugal


36 months

Total Investment

1,121,910.15 €

Total Eligible

1,121,910.15 €

EC Funding – Total

1,121,910.15 € (FSE)


36 months

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End Date


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training; specialized resources; transfer of innovation and knowledge; specialized services; market-interaction