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Social Cooperation for Integrated Assisted Living


Although in recent years technological developments focused on users and their informal caregivers such as ambient assisted living, mobile health or devices based on internet of things have been evidenced, they are mostly proof of concepts and do not guarantee an adequate level of integration, as there is no robust evidence to prove its effectiveness.
Cooperation between caregivers, inside, outside and between institutions, a condition for ensuring the quality of services, requires efficient mechanisms (either formal or informal, more or less structured) for communication and information sharing. Currently, in the framework of society-centered care networks, such mechanisms do not exist.
Therefore, the rise of information services that guarantee an integrated, consistent and transversal vision of the user’s information and the communication and sharing of relevant information to give coherence and support to the networks of care centered in the society is very important.


SOCIAL’s goal is to build a service platform to fill the existing gaps in information needs and transversal communication among caregivers in these care networks, providing efficient persistence mechanisms, adequate to Electronic Social Records, and a set of infrastructural components, like security management, interoperability with the formal healthcare network, archetypes and data analytics suitable for the development of applications that meet the different needs of society-centered care networks.

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Health; Care providers; Informal Caregivers