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Optimization of the Thermal Performance of Injection Moulding


Injection molding is an industry-leading process capable to produce superior quality components, high complexity and freedom of design, where replication is fast and effective. Nonetheless, the temperature control system, despite being one of the most critical aspects of the process, is still designed empirically. As a consequence, many defects in molded parts are due to non-uniform cavity cooling with the physical properties and appearance of the molded part influenced by their rate of change.


The SAM project - Smart Active Mould - aims the investigation of an innovative mould-level solution to dynamically control the temperature of the injection moulding process of polymer parts. This new approach is supported in new technologies of thin coatings and additive manufacturing resulting in an increase of the quality of the moulding parts, leading to parts without defects or distortions, reduction in the time of manufacture, possibility of processing new materials and products with more complex shapes and specifications. The new solution is a technological leap, since it is pioneer in the integration of the different technologies into a single product directed to injection molding of high quality polymeric components for high end products.

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3 anos


Coordinator: Moldit


TeandM, IPN, CENTIMFE, Universidade do Minho, IPCA, IST


 Injection Moulding, Smart Sensors, Thin Films, PVD Coatings