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Valuation and Economic Empowerment of Penela Municipality


Promote economic development and innovation in a sparsely populated territory with the different problems associated with its intrinsic geographical and economic characteristics.


vo confront the problems arising from the rural nature of its territory, Penela has taken steps to improve its local economic base, develop local resources, foster citizenship and entrepreneurship, promote social development and well-being, enhance the tourism sector and preserve its identity. In this way, the Smart Rural Living Lab (SRLL) allows the Municipality of Penela to leverage its potential by finding new approaches and innovative solutions and creating competitive advantages by developing the concept of Triple Helix, a model that results in cooperation and innovation between education, the business community and the administration.
The SRLL's mission is to promote innovation and the development of research into new technologies, methodologies and applications enabling the emergence of new services / systems / products through citizen participation in their definition and tests in order to enable the integration of an area of low population density within a competitive global world.
In this Living Lab environment, companies can test their products / services in a real context and get the necessary inputs from users.
Before the end of 2014, it managed to attract 2 innovative projects to the territory that originated in the higher education institutions mentioned.

The SRLL aims to contribute to Penela's economic and social development by investing in four strategic areas:

  • Natural resources (e.g. agriculture, forest, forest fire prevention, grazing);
  • Social development and well-being (e.g. healthcare and nursing homes);
  • Tourism and identity (e.g. heritage preservation, virtual hunting, etc.);
  • Citizenship and entrepreneurship (e.g. internet access and public participation)

Project Reference



Programa Mais Centro (SIAC - Sistema de Incentivos às Acções Colectivas)
Programa Mais Centro (SIAC - Sistema de Incentivos às Acções Colectivas)




IPN Incubator (PT), Penela Municipal Council (PT)





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