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Innovation Workshops Network for the Agro-Industrial Sector


To help the development of the Central Region's innovation capabilities in the agro-industrial sector, based on a strong link with the science and technology system, aimed at promoting the value of its networks of businesses, universities and other relevant players.


To promote a network of Innovation Workshops for Agro-Industrial sector - in_AgrI - in the region, articulating through the Central Portugal Agro-Industrial Cluster - InovCluster, companies and business organisations, the technology parks and centres and the regional network of incubators with R&D centres and companies. A knowledge transfer platform was developed which culminated in a website/forum ( and meetings by area (dairy, wine, oil, cereals, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and flowers, honey and wild products), bringing together producers, researchers, associations and large companies. At these meetings proposals were made for projects involving agricultural undertakings, research centres and sometimes distributors/large companies, which were then evolved for R&D/innovation. About 70 issues of collective interest were discussed at these meetings which resulted in around 20 projects involving the collaboration of 197 researchers, 188 companies and 127 institutions.

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2011 - 2013

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CEC / CIC - Central Portugal Business Council / Central Portugal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CERNAS - Natural Resource, Environment and Society, Research Centre; ESA / IPC - Coimbra Polytechnic Institute Agrarian School ; ESA / IPCB - Castelo Branco Polytechnic Institute Agrarian School; Instituto Pedro Nunes





agriculture, innovation, dairy products, cheese, wine, olive oil, cereals, rice, corn, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits and flowers, honey and wild products