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Cosmedesk is a software aimed at the cosmetic industry, unique and advanced in its segment, designed to be highly effective in the time-consuming task of preparing the Product Information File (PIF) and the Safety Assessment Report (SAR), two of the most important documents in the process of introducing new cosmetic products on the European Union’s market. Through this platform, companies in the cosmetics area (producers or resellers) can save up to 80% of the time they would usually spend in this process. The platform allows its users to be compliant with the EU regulation n. 1223/2009, namely through:

- Product Information File - The Cosmedesk solution is capable of automating the document creation up to 100%, with high-quality standards regarding its content, clarity, detail and format

- Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) - The system creates the Cosmetic Product Safety Report in accordance with the EU Regulation 1223/2009 and the Commission Implementing Decision (2013/674/EU)

- Label Compliance Report – The Cosmedesk platform allows its users to verify the label compliance and to generate reports with all mandatory information that needs to be included in the label of Cosmetic products

- Technical File – The platform allows the creation of a digital technical file, which can be exported and shared with relevant stakeholders, containing all non-confidential product information

- PaO Estimate Report - PaO is automatically estimated using a predefined scale based on French Authority guidelines


Talent Ingredient - Lda




AngularJS; C# ASP.NET; SQL Server; Full Text Search; OpenXML


Cosmetic industry; PIF; SAR; Information systems