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Mine Manager


Development of an integrated solution dedicated to the digital talent market, adapted to the new mindset and requirements of potential workers and companies, that:

1. It is presented as a digital platform that joins the main stakeholders in the recruitment and talent market;

2. Offers tools dedicated to the talent evaluation, through Computerized Adaptative Tests (CAT) and psychometric advantages associated with the Item Response Theory, allowing to achieve measurable and trustworthy conclusions associated with the Talents’ technical competences – Talent Assessment Framework;

3. Offers tools capable of suggesting Talent, based on computational learning (artificial intelligence), presenting, in an automated way, the best candidates to fulfil a specific need associated with a group of requirements and restrictions – Talent Recommendation

4. Offers a tool, based on computational learning (artificial intelligence), and genetic algorithms in a multiobjective problem, that identifies the most suitable teams, for a given purpose – Team Recommendation

5. Offers a prediction and recommendation system, that through computational learning techniques, gives to the Talent useful information on how he/she compares with the market and provides suggestions on activities (trainings, missions…) that potentially benefit his/her career progression – Career Recommendation

6. Provides its stakeholders the necessary transparency in terms of collection, treatment and safeguarding career events, professional and academic data. This system will be based in blockchain technology and Smart Contracts and will also have, as an objective, to feed the remaining Assessment e Recommendation modules – Career Logbook




Keras; Tensorflow


Artificial Intelligence; Computational Learning; Blockchain