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Prevention of Resinous Pine Canker: demo sessions


 The application of phytosanitary protection measures for prevention, control and eradication of the fungus Fusarium circinatum Nirenberg & O'Donnell has conditioned the activity of domestic suppliers of forest reproductive material (FRM) and will limit the supply of host plants to the domestic market. Therefore, it is
crucial to act preventively, both at the level of seeds and plants (in nurseries), to minimize the risk of dispersion of the fungus in Portugal, implementing effective methodologies for its control, with large-scale applicability, to be used by suppliers of MFR in the treatment of seeds, substrates, containers and irrigation water.

The IPN has participated in a series of demonstration actions in nurseries across the country (Portugal), as part of its participation in the project "Development of integrated strategies for prevention of resinous pine canker" (+PrevCRP), which aims to develop strategies for prevention of this fungus.



 The goal of these actions is to present the results obtained in the determination of strategies to prevent Fusarium circinatum: disinfection of seeds, containers and irrigation water; new alternative substrates to pine bark.2021 actions were held in Amarante, Alcácer do Sal, Óbidos (Portugal).