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Production and Technical Valorisation of natural fibers for the textile industry of Southwest Europe


Facing a particularly critical juncture, European companies seek to maintain and expand its share of the export market and above all increase their efforts of innovation, in particular in textiles with high added value. Technological innovation in the textiles and clothing industry in Europe arises as an answer to the current global economic challenge where the demand for natural fiber-based textiles is increasing in areas as diverse as clothing, textile laminates sector or even in footwear sector. This increase in demand comes from the awareness of the current impact of the production of synthetic fibers in the environment, as well as from the difficulty that exists for their recycling, at a time that proliferates the legislation to promote the so-called natural products, on detriment of synthetic products. In addition to efficient innovative textile production there is also the need to provide these products with functional revolutionary features, more environmentally friendly, more resistant and comfortable, that differentiate them from the current existing solutions on the market.


The FIBNATEX allowed, through the exchange of know-how and resources (both human and material) research and optimise the hemp processing techniques in order to obtain long fibers with high mechanical resistance which allowed the production of textiles with higher added value. The techniques and methods involved also allowed to reach long fibers of hemp possible to be transformed in the industry, as well as to develop new treatments based on thin films capable to remove the undesired odor characteristic of the plant, change the color, increase the temperature resistance, and introduce anti-bacterial and self-cleaning properties. The innovative feature developed predicts the potential implementation of these fibers to other products and high-impact technological sectors, such as automotive and aeronautical sectors.

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Interreg SUDOE



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Centro Tecnológico das Indústrias Têxtil e do Vestuário (PT); Instituto Pedro Nunes (PT); Leitat Technological Center (ES); Centro Tecnológico De La Confección (ES); Groupement des Industries de l?Habillement (FR); Institut Catholique dArts et Métiers (FR)




Natural fiber fabrics, hemp, long fibers, thin films, anti-bacterial, self-cleaning.