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Post-Stroke walking rehabilitation at home


SwitHome’s main value proposition is to allow rehabilitation centres to treat more poststroke patients with impaired walking using the same resources.

SwitHome is a set of tools including an innovative high-resolution, affordable, and durable pressure mapping insole, a smartphone application, and a patient-therapist communication web platform. In-home rehabilitation is performed through exercises for patient gait correction while providing real-time feedback for patients and progress monitoring for the therapist. Some of the rehabilitation sessions are performed at home with the help of a family caregiver rather than relying on full-time involvement of the therapist.


SwitHome is a new solution that extends the rehab centre to the patient's home. This solution allows decreasing the burden associated with the patient's commute to the rehab centre by reducing the number of visits to such facilities because they will be able to perform part of these sessions at home, which complements the face-to-face sessions with the therapist. SwitHome allows the patient self-managing his rehabilitation and will promote self-motivation by sharing his progress with his caregivers, who in turn will provide positive feedback.

The concept was to coach post-stroke patients to improve their gait at home, with minimum time engagement from the therapist, who review the feedback indicators of the patient gait at each iteration and will define the new exercises settings. The patient uses the Insole Sensor System and a tablet running the GUI application at home. The application suggests the exercises previously prescribed by his therapist for that day, so the patient can perform an adequate rehabilitation plan. The Insoles collects pressure data of the patient’s activity and create pressure maps that are sent to the Indicators Engine. The IE is responsible for the data processing, in order to generate the feedback indicators. The therapist has access to reports about the selected indicators for each exercise and receive, as inputs, the indicators selection, the exercises plan and goals. The platform also provides a web interface for the patient with exercises calendar and the rehabilitation progress over time.


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Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen;
GMV - Soluciones Globales Internet;
Instituto Pedro Nunes;
Parc Snitari Sant Joan de Déu;
Universidade de Coimbra;
Soft Bionics, Lda;
SWORD Health.


Smart insole;
Feedback indicators.