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Born from Knowledge

Program Description

 BfK Ideas is a contest, promoted by ANI, which brings together the best business ideas "born from knowledge" in science and/or technology. This contest discloses and rewards, in a national final, the best business ideas that have their origin in Portuguese Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and is aimed at students and researchers, proposed by a national HEI, BfK partner.
The business ideas in the competition have the opportunity to be awarded in two distinct moments:

  • BfK Ideas Applicants: access to a 2-day Immersion Program aimed at improving the development of the business ideas and training the finalists in pitch techniques;
  • BfK Ideas Winners: access to the BfK Rise Science and Technology Acceleration Program, aimed at transforming the business potential of the idea into a product and/or service; BfK Ideas trophy, which confers a quality seal of innovation "born from knowledge".
The IPN was the entity responsible for implementing the 2020 and 2021 editions.

Key Metrics

Edition 2020
Business ideas: 28, of which 8 were finalists and 5 were awarded by the jury.

Edition 2021
Business ideas: 32, of which 8 were finalists and 4 were awarded by the jury.






 Innovation; Ideation; Valorization of scientific and technological knowledge; Knowledge transfer network.