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IPN Business Accelerator Programme

Program Description

Over the years, IPN has supported several entrepreneurs in the creation of start-ups, it has vast experience in implementing and promoting acceleration programs. At the same time, its also collaborate with these companies in the development of their technological products and services. Once created, start-ups still reveal the need for technological support and market approach, maintaining an active collaboration with the IPN.
As a result of these synergies, IPN developed a new model that strengthens and complements the start-up business for which IPN has developed its “core” product, personalized and in accordance with the maturity level of each company.

Key Metrics

4 companies were supported, in a total of 8 sessions.


2021 Edition
Theme: Business Model and Investment Opportunities | Participants companies: Cosmetikke; My data manager
Date: 30 de Junho de 2021
2020 Edition
Theme: Innovation & Value Proposition; Business Model Generation & Lean Canvas; Pricing & Valuation; Marketing; Pitch | Participantes companies: MindFlow; CosmeDesk
Date: 30 de Junho de 2020




Innovation support services; Entrepreneurship support; Ideas acceleration; Business models; Technological development.


2021 Edition
2020 Edition