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Networking in Coimbra's innovation ecosystem


Business incubators are privileged spaces for everyday networking between entrepreneurs. Developing contacts in a hallway conversation or during a coffee break can make a difference for your business. But when the community grows too much, it becomes harder to know everyone and everybody. And good opportunities can be missed!


Because we consider networking one of the key points in the success of a company's incubation process, we created "IPN Lanches - Friday Snacks". Since 2009, we gather monthly startups, entrepreneurs and other actors of Coimbra's innovation system. The incubator companies present themselves to their peers, and sometimes we bring guests. From entrepreneurs to investors, conductors to psychologists, many have passed through the 20 editions of "Friday Snacks".


20th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Communication and Globalisation: do not be overcome
Date: 25 de Maio de 2011
Speakers: IP Solutions, represented by Marco Saias (Director of the Brokerage Department) and André Rodrigues (Director of the Strategy Department) School of Education, represented by Dr. Rosa Maria Sobreira Portugal Brands, represented by Director Ricardo Magalhães
19th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Recovery and brand management: new tools for business competitivity
Date: 16 de Março de 2011
Speakers: Clarke, Modet & Co. Portugal, represented by Dina Chaves Ciberbit, represented by Carina Cadima
18th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: IPN-PaqTcPB cooperation: a gateway into the Brazilian market
Date: 9 de Fevereiro de 2011
Speakers: K2 Companies, Crossways, SM3/TS, Smartiks and the San Francisco Hydro-Electric Company presented their interests in the Portuguese market and what they have to offer to Portuguese companies wishing to enter the South American market
17th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: SPIDER: Set irresistible targets for 2011
Date: 12 de Janeiro de 2011
Speakers: Critical Software, represented by Gonçalo Silva (ex-incubated company) LIFE Training, represented by Nuno Silva
16th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Startups: infancy and growth of innovative enterprises
Date: 15 de Dezembro de 2010
Speakers: Presentation of the Best Science-based Incubator Award to Professor Teresa Mendes Presentation by Francisco Rente, CEO of Dognaedis Eduardo Sá - clinical psychologist
15th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Leadership and Motivation: sales, teams and results
Date: 5 de Novembro de 2010
Speakers: André Ribeirinho, the Adegga Susana Areal with a mini SWAT experience José Eduardo from Cortes de Cima and a wine tasting
14th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Venture Capital - How to finance your idea, project or business
Date: 8 de Outubro de 2010
Speakers: Presentation of CTT Integrated Solutions by Raquel Alves
13th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: 2.0: manage knowledge in the age of innovation
Date: 10 de Setembro de 2010
Speakers: Inova-ria, represented by Artur Calado Knowman, represented by Ana Neves
12th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: How to motivate high performance teams in startups and research groups
Date: 9 de Julho de 2010
Speakers: Filipa Pato, from F. Pato wines Jorge Sequeira, from TeamBuilding
11th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: How to undertake and innovate on a global scale
Date: 18 de Junho de 2010
Speakers: MedicineOne (incubated company) ES Ventures, represented by Dr. Duarte Mineiro Webreakstuff, represented by Fred Oliveira (incubated company)
10th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: TICE.PT - transform Portugal into a world reference in the TICE sector
Date: 14 de Maio de 2010
Speakers: Artescan, represented by João Boavida (incubated company) Pulsoft / Intellicare, represented by Francisco Viana (incubated company) Engineer Paulo Nordeste - Chief Executive Officer of TICE.PT
9th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Music to conduct a business
Date: 9 de Abril de 2010
Speakers: Sensebloom, represented by Miguel Antunes (incubated company) Tangible, represented by Filipe Plácido (incubated company) Virgílio Caseiro Maestro - Classical Orchestra of the Central Region
8th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Innovation and Technology for SMEs
Date: 5 de Março de 2010
Speakers: GeOikos (incubated company) iClio (incubated company) Vítor Santos - Academic Computer Science Program Manager of Microsoft Portugal
7th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: The 7th Programme - Table and research funding opportunities for SMEs
Date: 5 de Fevereiro de 2010
Speakers: Carlos Cerqueira João Paulo Dias Meticube, represented by Jürgen Bund
6th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Mondego Metro - opportunities for collaboration with technology-based companies
Date: 8 de Janeiro de 2010
Speakers: JeKnowledge (incubated company) Acontrol (incubated company) Álvaro Seco - President of Mondego Metro
5th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: LinkedIn - Make money from your online presence
Date: 6 de Dezembro de 2009
Speakers: Active Space Technologies (incubated company) SPI - Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação (incubated company) Rui Pedro Caramez - university teacher with a diverse record of interventions in professional forums on subjects related to personal development and management of networks of contacts
4th Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Technological cooperation with Brazil
Date: 6 de Novembro de 2009
Speakers: Take the Wind (incubated company) Inovmapping (incubated company) Antão B. Moura - researcher at the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG) and the Paraíba Technological Park
3rd Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Business Angels - funding opportunities for startups
Date: 2 de Outubro de 2009
Speakers: Tapestry Software (recently incubated company) Inside Visions (recently incubated company) Adventure, represented by the CEO - Robert Boogaard
2nd Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: Internationalisation of technology-based companies
Date: 4 de Setembro de 2009
Speakers: Reusable IT (recently incubated company) FeedZai (recently incubated company) Presentation of the "Win Atlantic" project
1st Edition "IPN Friday Snacks"
Theme: The years after incubation, sharing experiences and strategies
Date: 3 de Julho de 2009
Speakers: WSBP (recently incubated company) Seamlink (recently incubated company) LIS - Informatics and Systems Laboratory HIS / NETVITA (LIS spin-off)