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Development of interregional capabilities on strategic resources in metallic mining.


The main objective of the project is to generate a network of scientific-technological and R&D knowledge about the development of metal mining capacities in the borders of the three participating regions (North, Central Portugal and Castilla y León). This will allow the development of regional and joint activities from projects and initiatives of high added value in different R&D subjects.
Some of these activities will be exploration, exploitation and processing technologies, materials science, industrial and monitoring technologies and environmental and energy technologies. These activities will allow not only the generation of strategic projects but the training of scientific-technical professional profiles and the creation of high qualified employment in the participant regions.


MAIN OBJECTIVE: To promote research, technological development and innovation.

The aim of the project is to generate a network of scientific and R + D + technical knowledge around the development of metal mining in the border strip between the three participating regions that use: Development of regional activities, projects and policies and high added value in different subjects of R + D + i (exploration, exploration and processing technologies, materials science, industrial technology and control, environmental and energy technology) that allows the generation not only of strategic projects, but also the formation and training of profiles
high technical-scientific added value and generation of highly qualified employment in participating regions.

Objectives, Activities and Results expected / achieved

 - Identification of 100% of the current and future mining potential in the territory under consideration;
- Elaboration of a prospecting guide for the search of new deposits;
- Formation of a netnetwork;
- Training and qualification of scientists and technicians;
- Generation of strategic projects of more than € 1MM;
- Generation of highly qualified employment;
- Identification of 100% of the exploitation and processing techniques used in metallic mining;
- Reduction in 50% of the environmental impacts;
- Replacement of 80% of energy sources of fóssil origin by renewable energy sources;
Development of an environmental management system.
Development of at least 50 scientific-technical documents.

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Portugal e Spain

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FEDER - 1.888.879,80

EC Funding – IPN

FEDER - 140.098,74


48 Meses

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Junta de Castilla y León
Universidad de León
Instituto Pedro Nunes
Universidade do Porto.




Mines, Tungsten, Potential of the mining of metals, Environmental impacts, Methods of ore exploration and treatment.