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National Technology Transfer Initiative in Portugal


ESA counts with more than 200 transferred space technologies and the creation of various European startups with international projection. The Portuguese space industry has come in recent years to develop cutting-edge technology successfully applied in several space missions. This effort may result in benefits to other areas, with the use of this technology in projects for healthcare, logistics, transport and automotive industry, among others.


PTTI is designed to stimulate the competitiveness of the Portuguese Space industry and promote technological innovation, supporting and facilitating the transfer of existing space technology to non-space markets. In this context, the activities of the PTTI encompass a call for funding Demonstrators and Feasibility Studies, essentially aimed at Portuguese companies and research institutions working and developing technologies related to space. PTTI funded 9 projects (6 Demonstrators and 3 Feasibility Studies) proposing to transfer space technology and competencies to 7 different sectors: automotive, railway, logistics, medical devices, pipeline insulation, renewable energy and applications for unmanned aerial vehicles. The PTTI supported the following entities: Active Aerogels, Critical Software, DEIMOS Engenharia, Evoleo Technologies, GMVSkysoft, ISQ, LusoSpace e UNINOVA.

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Agência Espacial Europeia (ESA)
Agência Espacial Europeia (ESA)



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Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), European Space Agency (ESA)





Technology transfer, space technology, non-space markets