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Network for Innovation Care Competence Learning through Labs


The Network for Innovative Care Competence Learning through Labs (NICCoLLa) focuses on profound issues, priorities, and challenges in care and wellbeing like demographic aging and shortages of care workers. Technological solutions are a key answer to meet these challenges. Many applications are available and the market is developing rapidly. Care professionals are needed that can work with and co-create care technologies that deliver effective and user-friendly services. In a future where (care) technology is becoming more important, 'future-proof' care professionals with transdisciplinary technological competencies are needed.


To improve the education of (future) professionals, the focus of this project will foremost be on the development of curricular content (competencies, methodology and content) for the education of care and wellbeing professionals (focusing on use and implementation of care technologies) as well as for technology and ICT professionals (focusing on design and development of care technologies).
The aim is to increase and amplify the skills needed for the successful implementation of technology and ICT in the care and wellbeing sector. Furthermore, for future purposes of continuous transdisciplinary development and innovation in this area, supported by co-creative learning, a blueprint for the development of a 'Care Technology Lab' will be realized.

Objectives, Activities and Results expected / achieved

  1. Six 5 ECTS courses:
    • Working with care technology as expert and professional
    • Working with clients/patients using care technology
    • Legal, ethical and moral dilemmas of working with care & wellbeing
    • Transdisciplinary co-creation of care technology solutions
    • The ‘future-proof’ professional in the care & wellbeing
    • Service design for care & wellbeing
  2. Open Educational Resources, MOOC
  3. Blueprint Care Technology Lab development

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Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union
Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Intervention Region

Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Portugal

Total Investment

449 554,00

IPN Investment

65 010,00

EC Funding – IPN

65 010,00 (100%)

National public financial support – IPN

65 010,00 (100%)


36 meses

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 Avans UAS (the coordinator)
Lahden Ammattikorkeakoulu oy LAMK
Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
Instituto Pedro Nunes





Innovation; Technology Transfer