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Looking for talent to join your team? Summer@IPN has the best summer internships!
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In order to promote the relationship with the innovation ecosystem and companies linked to Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), Summer@IPN is an annual non-curricular summer internship involving students from Universities and Polytechnic Institutes and the companies and units of our ecosystem.

Any company in the IPN ecosystem is eligible, whether it is housed in the Incubator, Accelerator, HIESE, INOPOL or incubated virtually. IPN units and laboratories are also eligible as host organisations.

How long is the internship?
The internship can be carried out for a maximum of 3 months, between 1st July and 30th September 2024. The exact start and end date of the internship will be agreed between the host organisation and the intern.

Students enrolled in university or polytechnic higher education and aged 18 or over will be eligible.

Applications and selection process
Host organisations submit their internship proposal between 1 March and 30 April using the Application Form. The application period for young university students will take place between 1 and 31 May.

Summer@IPN Open Day
The Open Day consists of an open day for companies aimed at informing them about the dynamics of the internship programme. This event will take place on 12 March at 10am at IPN and requires registration via the form.

Selection process
The selection process will be managed by the IPN Training Department and will take place in the following stages:
  1. Receipt of internship offers/available vacancies from host organisations;
  2. Receipt of applications from young university students;
  3. Pre-selection of the profiles that best fit each vacancy made available, with the possible collaboration of the host organisations;
  4. Organising the matchmaking event.
  5. Host organisations decide which candidates have been selected.
Matchmaking event
IPN will organise a face-to-face event on 11 June 2024, during which the host organisations will interview those shortlisted by the IPN team. It's worth noting that, in addition to the pre-selected profiles shared with the potential host organisations, other profiles may be selected on the spot for interview, depending on the candidates present and the organisations' openness to different profiles in relation to the initial internship offer.

It's up to the host organisation
According to the regulations available on the website, the company is responsible for:
  • Host the trainee(s) for a period of 1 to 3 months, between 1 July and 30 September of the current year;
  • Collaborate in the selection of trainee applications, accepting or rejecting trainee proposals submitted to them;
  • Appointing a traineeship supervisor and defining an Individual Traineeship Plan;
  • Sign an internship contract with the chosen intern;
  • To take out personal accident insurance for the benefit of the trainee to cover the risks of any eventualities that may occur, as described in the Regulations;
  • Not discriminate against candidates on any grounds, such as origin, nationality, religion, gender or any other;
  • Act ethically in the conduct of human and institutional relations;
  • Pay the amount equivalent to the meal allowance in practice at the company for each full day of the internship;
  • Pay the IPN a fixed amount per trainee effectively integrated, in an amount set by the IPN Board, to cover administrative and selection costs, which in 2024 is €40, plus VAT at the applicable legal rate;
  • Comply with the applicable legislation, particularly with regard to obligations to the Tax Authority and Social Security, under the terms of the respective regulations;
  • Provide each trainee with the appropriate physical conditions and equipment necessary to fulfil the traineeship plan;
  • Issue an internship certificate to trainees who complete their participation in the Summer@IPN internship programme, on a model to be provided by IPN;
  • Participate in the events associated with the programme;
  • Comply with the regulations and the spirit of the programme.
For more information, please contact us at summer@ipn.pt or call 239 700 991 or 239 700 904.


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