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IPN organised event on its expertise in polymers
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On 19 February, Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) hosted the "Seminar: Polymers, a valence in the IPN ecosystem", an initiative aimed at highlighting the crucial role of polymers in contemporary society. The event aimed to present the institute's polymers unit, highlighting the potential of these materials in modern life.

Jorge Coelho, vice president of the IPN board and researcher at the University of Coimbra (UC) in the field of polymers, began the seminar with a brief contextualisation of the topic: what they are, how they are obtained, types of polymers, providing a comprehensive overview of the crucial role of these materials in society. The synergy and complementarity between the more fundamental research carried out by the researcher at the University of Coimbra and that carried out at IPN at higher TRLs with a view to the economic valorisation of knowledge was also highlighted.

The technological capacity of the research group to develop polymers with properties suited to various applications was described. At the end, R&TD activities were discussed, as well as cases of value creation developed by researchers that have led to industrial products/solutions or patented technologies in the automotive, agricultural, construction and pharmaceutical sectors.

Also noteworthy were the presentations by IPN/UC researchers Patrícia Pereira and Carlos Paula. Patrícia presented the cell biology unit responsible for the biological characterisation of polymers developed for biomedical applications. Carlos presented the new area under development, bioprinting, which aims to develop polymeric bioinks for 3D printing and the preparation of medical devices based on this technology.

The seminar offered a platform for sharing knowledge. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the unit's technological potential for developing customised biopolymers, the biomedical potential of some of the polymers developed, as well as the various applications in the field of 3D printing.

This seminar, organised by IPN, is part of the activities of the core funding project of the Pedro Nunes Institute (IPN) Technology and Innovation Centre (CTI), under the terms of Call for Tenders (AAC) No. 03/C05-i02 /2022, within the scope of the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Programme (PRR).


23 of February of 2024