IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN's Business Accelerator recognised as an international success story

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IPN's Business Accelerator recognised as an international success story
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The Business Accelerator (TECBIS) of Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) was recognised as a success story within the scope of the Interreg Europe project "SKALE2CT - Skills and Scale to Connect for Business Acceleration Services policy transfer", nominated by the National Innovation Agency (ANI).

Rui Miranda, IPN's Accelerator Coordinator, presented the work developed under the scope of the initiative, on 27 September in Budapest (Hungary) during the Executive Leadership Seminar. IPN's participation in the seminar was aimed at increasing the reach of Exchange & Learning activities and sharing good practices by involving national stakeholders.

The SKALE2CT project aims to increase the competitiveness of the EU region's productive fabric by emphasising scalability, enabling companies to expand their operations, work with a wider customer base, use more resources and data, ultimately ensuring the quality and efficiency of their products or services. The project thus aims to sustain business growth and have a positive impact on employment, with a partnership made up of public and private organisations focused on improving business acceleration providers and services, especially during the expansion phase, all with the overall aim of contributing to the growth and sustainability of businesses in EU territories.


29 of September of 2023