IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - Incubated companies Ineye Pharma, Twevo, TIMEUP and Azulfy receive investment from Portugal Ventures

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Incubated companies Ineye Pharma, Twevo, TIMEUP and Azulfy receive investment from Portugal Ventures
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The companies Ineye Pharma, Twevo, TIMEUP and Azulfy, incubated at Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), were selected under Portugal Ventures' Call Innov-ID programme and will each receive 100,000 euros of investment (pre-seed round) to accelerate their development process. Of the seven companies invested in by Portugal Ventures in this call, more than half are from the IPN ecosystem.

The Call Innov-ID programme was created by Portugal Ventures, the venture capital company of the Banco Português de Fomento Group, in partnership with the National Innovation Agency. The aim of the programme is to boost projects or growing companies at an early stage so that they have sufficient financial availability and equity to develop and generate new rounds of capital. It should be emphasised that of the 55 companies invested in to date by Portugal Ventures, 14 are part of the IPN ecosystem.

INEYE Pharma is a startup focused on the treatment of eye diseases, whose innovative technology allows the controlled administration of drugs into the eye for several months, eliminating the need to use drops and increasing patient adherence to therapy.

Twevo is a technology company that provides video solutions with Artificial Intelligence for monitoring the factory floor, with the aim of helping industry increase productivity and sustainability.

TIMEUP, a spin-off from the University of Coimbra, is developing a diagnostic device that monitors patients' urine for several weeks, detecting the bacteria responsible for more than 80 per cent of urinary infections.

Azulfy is a brand of Green Travel Spots (GTS)/Azul Hereditário, a company incubated at ESA BIC Portugal, which is coordinated by IPN. Azulfy provides local councils with a pollution event management platform that monitors pollution in the water, land and air of their respective territories on a daily basis. This SaaS uses images obtained from orbiting satellites, drones and local video cameras.


21 of September of 2023