IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN is helping to develop a telerehabilitation system for remote areas in Europe

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IPN is helping to develop a telerehabilitation system for remote areas in Europe
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3.9 million euros will be made available to finance the development and testing of innovative telerehabilitation solutions through an innovation procurement process (pre-commercial procurement, PCP) under the ROSIA project.

The first phase of this European project, which aimed to award pre-commercial procurement contracts for the development of a telerehabilitation system for remote areas in Europe, has recently ended.

The ROSIA project aims to provide a comprehensive service to patients in need of rehabilitation, ensuring that those living in areas less provided with in-person services have access to intelligent tele-rehabilitation services.

Instituto Pedro Nunes is part of the ROSIA project, through the Laboratory for Automation and Systems, as a knowledge partner.

The five selected proposals that completed phase 1 were the following:
  • RAISE: proposal led by the Centre For Research And Technology Hellas (Greece), which also integrates TELEVES (Spain), IBV and Vidavo, the Greek Research Committee University of Ioannina (UoI) and Trilateral Research, and INESCTEC (Portugal).
  • PROHAB: proposal led by the Eurecat technology centre (Spain), also involving SME Doole Health and the Germans Trias i Pujol research centre (Spain).
  • ULTREIA: proposal led by Bahia Software, which also includes Rehametric (Spain).
  • RehabilityOpen: proposal led by the technology centre Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece), which includes the companies DyCare (Spain), Konnektable Technologies (Ireland), LifeCharger (Italy), Wellics (United Kingdom), PDMFC Group (Portugal) and Uni Systems (Greece).
  • Rehabilita+: a proposal submitted by the Spanish company GMV.
This will be followed by phase 2, which will consist in the development of the prototype, and phase 3, which will consist in the validation of the complete solution.

ROSIA (Remote Rehabilitation for Isolated Areas) is a project co-funded by the European Union's H2020 programme under the pre-commercial procurement instrument (PCP) and agreement GA 101017606.


17 of March of 2023