IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN Incubator provides technical support to incubators in Egypt and Jordan

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IPN Incubator provides technical support to incubators in Egypt and Jordan
IPN Incubator will participate throughout 2023 in the Innovation Support Programme (ISP) funded by the European Investment Bank (EIB) under the Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI). This Technical Assistance programme aims to support, through Reference Institutions in Europe, the public and private sectors, as well as financial intermediaries, through capacity building, identification, preparation and implementation of collaborative projects with the Southern Neighbourhood (ISP-Southern Neighbourhood) and contemplates Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria and Tunisia. The beneficiaries are regional incubators, science and technology parks and other similar organisations, located in these countries, as well as the respective entrepreneurs and startups installed.


The activities to be developed will focus specifically on two twinning programs, respectively with the most important incubators in Egypt (Cultiv, in Cairo) and Jordan (Jordan Start, in the city of Irbid), both relatively recent and beneficiaries of various support from the European Investment Bank when they were launched.

Paulo Santos, IPN's Director of Incubation and Acceleration, Ana Seguro, Coordinator of Incubation, and Jorge Pimenta, Director of Innovation, participated last week, from 10 to 17 February, in the first technical visits to Cultiv and Jordan Start, during which they had the opportunity to meet the colleagues in charge of these companies, as well as representatives of some of the incubated companies, in order to know the respective ecosystems. In this first physical meeting, it was already possible to diagnose and identify with greater precision, specific areas of collaboration that will be developed during the technical assistance program, such as: incubation and acceleration processes and methodologies; intellectual property and technology transfer, business model and sustainability, cross softlanding of startups, access to venture capital, building networks and international partnerships, among others.

Continuous capacity building work in the above areas will be carried out throughout 2023 and further visits by IPN Incubator technical teams to both Cultiv and Jordan Start are planned, as well as from these and some of their incubated companies to IPN and IPN Incubator to consolidate the twinning process and identify new areas of collaboration.

Expected outcomes of the ISP-SN include strengthening the capacity of beneficiary incubators and specialised science/technology staff and resident entrepreneurs; providing new support services to startups; increasing the number of startups in high-tech sectors and preparing them to raise investment rounds; and creating highly skilled jobs. The wider impact will be to create a basis for building a more dynamic innovation ecosystem across the region.

The Innovation Support Programme for The Southern Neighbourhood is an initiative of the European Investment Bank (EIB), intermediated by INTEGRATION International Management Consultants GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany.


23 of February of 2023