IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN Incubator to host Cleanwatts' headquarters from 2023

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IPN Incubator to host Cleanwatts' headquarters from 2023
Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) Incubator will host the headquarters of Cleanwatts, a recent Portuguese company in the area of clean and renewable energy technology, which develops innovative solutions in the energy transition for companies and local communities around the world. Cleanwatts recently raised 25 million in international private investment, which shows the value of its technology.

"The IPN, as a business incubator, plays a vital role in Coimbra's growing technology scene and we are delighted to have our team working in this collaborative and innovative environment," says Soma Demeny, Cleanwatts' Human Resources Director. "I hope that the innovative, entrepreneurial and transformative spirit of IPN can further inspire the Cleanwatts team to continue its work in accelerating the energy transition, such an urgent and forward-looking mission," he adds.

The President of the IPN, João Gabriel Silva, is pleased with the integration of the company in the Incubator: "We are excited to welcome Cleanwatts in our incubator. Cleanwatts' clean energy technology is a valuable addition to our community of emerging companies and we look forward to contributing to its development. The transition to renewable energy is essential for our society, as climate change and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have shown. The technology that Cleanwatts provides is crucial to enable an accelerated use of this type of energy."

Cleanwatts joins a growing list of companies that have chosen the IPN incubator to accelerate their growth and promote innovation in Portugal.

About IPN Incubator

The incubator of the Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) is a privileged space to support entrepreneurship and innovation, which aims to help startups and growing companies to develop their business faster and more efficiently. The Incubator has a set of services and resources to support entrepreneurs in the creation and development of their business, such as technical advice, training, access to funding and networking.

The IPN incubator provides a dynamic and innovative environment, where entrepreneurs can exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as have access to a wide network of partners and mentors. In addition, the Incubator facilitates entrepreneurs' access to IPN's specialized laboratories and equipment.

The goal of the IPN incubator is to help startups and companies overcome the initial challenges of development and growth, and become successful companies in the long term. The incubator is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to leverage the knowledge and capabilities of IPN and its network of partners, and drive the growth of their businesses. 

About Cleanwatts

Cleanwatts is a climate tech company focused on improving society's relationship with energy where it needs it most: locally. By simplifying, amplifying and accelerating the energy transition for local communities, Cleanwatts addresses the most urgent trilemma of our time: decarbonising the grid, while enhancing energy security and reducing the high costs of energy.

The company creates and manages Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) and provides energy as a service, with no upfront investment.

At the heart of its offering is Cleanwatts™ OS, the operating system designed by the company specifically to manage Energy Communities. Cleanwatts™ OS is a modular, interoperable and localisable platform, operating in the cloud, enables seamless connectivity of community energy assets for their optimisation, enabling greater grid resilience and the management of transactions in local energy markets.


3 of January of 2023