IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN hosts Tech@Week dedicated to Space and Ocean

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IPN hosts Tech@Week dedicated to Space and Ocean
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Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) hosted, on November 23rd, a Tech@Week dedicated to Space and Ocean, an event promoted by the National Innovation Agency (ANI).

Throughout the day, several panels were held with speakers from academia and the business world, who explored the main trends and challenges in the area. In parallel, there were demonstrations of innovative projects from invited entities.

Amílcar Cardoso, vice-president of the IPN Board of Directors, welcomed the participants during the opening session, together with Diogo Araújo, ANI National Innovation System Capacity Building Director.

During the morning, there was a panel on Gender Equality Promotion, with the participation of Ana Luísa Jegundo, project manager of IPN.

In the afternoon, there was a panel about the challenges and opportunities of Blue Economy, with the participation of Jorge Pimenta, IPN's Innovation Director.

The event ended with a panel about the Future of the Space Industry in Portugal, moderated by Pedro Lacerda, project manager of the Department of Knowledge and Innovation Valorization (VCI) of the IPN, with the participation of Business Development Manager Carlos Cerqueira, from the incubated company Neuraspace. This company developed a system of monitoring space debris and prevention of collision between satellites through an Artificial Intelligence platform.

Throughout the day there were demonstrations of projects related to Space and the Ocean. Among those demonstrated was IPN's Laboratory for Wear, Testing & Materials (LED&MAT), namely with the Smartcatch and ECOSORV projects. Smartcatch is a system of continuous monitoring and remote detection of the stress of ropes and cables, which allows to increase safety, efficiency and reduce environmental effects in fishing and aquaculture. ECOSORV is developing a functionalised clay eco-aerogel capable of selectively absorbing and recovering fatty residues, especially used cooking oils, present in aqueous media.

ESA Space Solutions Portugal
 was also present and presented its services and solutions. ESA Space Solutions Portugal is a "one-stop shop" for the space economy that brings together applications from "downstream" to the so-called "new space". ESA helps that talent and knowledge in the area of space can be used in new applications and business areas, bringing "space to Earth".

Our incubated company Undersee was demonstrating its Ferrybox solution, a flow system, installed on board vessels, which allows automatic and continuous measurements of various water quality parameters.

The Tech@Weeks, events dedicated to the demonstration, dissemination and diffusion of knowledge and technology, are an initiative organised and promoted by the National Innovation Agency - ANI, under the scope of the TECH4INNOV project. It is a set of weeks that aim to bring together the main actors of the National Innovation System (NIS) around various activities of national character, namely: demonstration actions of the Technological Infrastructures, Edu@TECH, National Innovation Prize and some open days, in order to promote debates and explore the main trends and challenges in the areas of technology and innovation.


24 of November of 2022