IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes - 11th edition of ineo start comes to an end

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11th edition of ineo start comes to an end
Technology transfer and I.P.
The presentation of the ten teams that participated in the technology and business ideas acceleration programme of Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), ineo start, took place last 26th October. Over the last 10 editions, ineo start gathered more than 900 participants and 124 teams. Companies such as doDoc, The Loop Co., TUU, Spacelayer Technologies, ihCare, LaserLeap or Sensing Future, had their origin in ineo start.

Projects related to business areas such as health, retail, software, sports, agriculture, nutrition and forest protection were publicly presented to an audience of investors, potential customers, partners and other stakeholders.

The event was attended by the Dean of the University of Coimbra, Amilcar Falcão, the representative of the Centre Region Coordination and Development Commission (CCDRC), Jorge Brandão, the president of the IPN board, João Gabriel Silva and the IPN innovation director, Jorge Pimenta.

During four weeks the participants had access to workshops, training and mentoring, in topics as varied as funding, business modeling, markets and marketing, sales and distribution, Intellectual Property and go-to-market strategy.

Information on the 10 projects presented:

HopeFlow is a ready-to-use (pre-filled) subcutaneous hydration device, which is prepared in uni doses of 400 mL. Unlike IV administration, this solution avoids exposure of the bloodstream to the risk of infection and can be handled by a person who is not a healthcare professional, since it uses a "remove and apply" technology. On the other hand, it is light (400 gr), which contributes to solve the problem of accessibility and transport, reducing the associated costs. A single HopeFlow can hydrate a child in an emergency situation, without the need for qualified professionals or specialised infrastructure.

iToWin develops technological solutions aimed at the modernization and efficiency of the activities and processes of sports organizations. For the development of the product for Football, they developed simple and intuitive interfaces using the "best practices of patterns" in the development of "frontends"; implemented customizable smart interfaces that allow the software to adapt to the models and routines of users - AI and AR; reduced the time for planning tasks (for example: design of the training session, training analysis and evaluation, game reports, etc.developed a human interface device (HID) that is as simple to use as pencil and paper (the trainer's preferred tools); made software collaborative with "Real Time" solutions; created data integration APIs (FPF) reducing the whole bureaucratic certification process.

PkExplorer aims to work in close collaboration with hospitals, clinics and other healthcare units, offering the analysis and/or interpretation of analytical results, in order to support and assist the clinician's decision in adjusting doses. The provision of its services will involve the collection of a blood or saliva sample (during hospitalisation or on an outpatient basis) and will allow for increased therapeutic efficacy and health gains, as well as a decrease in hospital costs by reducing and avoiding hospital admissions.

Rserve arises from the need for immediate scheduling of services, being a scheduling marketplace for various market sectors, anytime and anywhere. It includes two types of platforms: a personalised platform per service provider, which automatically manages the bookings of its existing customer portfolio, and a marketplace, which allows a search for service providers according to user preferences: price, rating, urgency, proximity, among other variables.


NerveGen is a medical device that distinguishes itself by being biodegradable in a controlled manner, non-toxic and completely safe, being produced entirely with polymers approved by the FDA. Additionally, the use of 3D printing technology allows easy and affordable manufacturing of the devices with features/properties customised to each patient's needs, allowing for a complete and rapid recovery from short and long nerve injuries. This innovative technology refers to the area of personalised medical care, where surgeons can have access to devices with precise characteristics for each patient.

GoldenCap aspires to be one of the largest producers and exporters of wood-degrading mushrooms and to be at the forefront of production technology.

Data Inmensus
Data Inmensus does data transformation, capturing, processing and suggesting profitable actions for companies, creating added value for end users.

FUTURAL WORKS is developing an alternative solution for aerial fire fighting, turning existing aircraft (helicopters and planes) into autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). These aircraft will be empowered with a set of systems and software (Kit) that give them the ability to recognise their surroundings (vision) and navigate (communication and computational intelligence) 24/7 without recourse to pilots. With the use of these modified aircraft, the efficiency in fighting forest fires increases, the number of pilots who are victims of air accidents will be ́ nil, and the burnt area and environmental and economic costs are reduced. FUTURAL WORKS will contribute to the reduction of forest fires and global warming by using safer, more sustainable and efficient aviation.


At MiroBio we aim to promote health through healthy, functional and suitable foods for babies and children. All this with convenience, comfort and safety. The proposal is a complete, tasty meal, with all the macronutrients (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) necessary for the healthy growth and development, of children between 6 and 36 months. All this in a unique pré prepared, which can be made anywhere, be it, shopping malls, food courts, aeroplanes, trains, restaurants, cafes and bakeries, homes of family and friends, by simply adding water and resorting to a microwave for 2 minutes.


HaPILLness technology answers a need for voluntary, accurate and individualized oral dosing in laboratory animals. It consists of a safe and inert gum capable of incorporating substances that rodents consume voluntarily, quickly and individually.


27 of October of 2022