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On-Surf Mobilizer cames to an end
RTD Laboratories
The Final Seminar for the ON-SURF - Mobilizing Technological Skills in Surface Engineering project, which was led by the company TEandM – Tecnologia, Engenharia e Materiais S.A., took place July 14, at IPN’s facilities.

The On-Surf Mobilizer was based on four ambitious PPS (Products, Process, Service) subordinated to different themes transversal to the Technology and Surface Engineering domain. It was, however, focused on such distinct and differentiating areas that it awoke in the consortium the desire to achieve results beyond the candidate and to reach higher TRLs. Highlighting:

PPS1 – Automatic Adaptive Surfaces
PPS2 – (Reconfigurable) Intelligent Surfaces
PPS3 – Multifuncional Surfaces
PPS4 – REACH challenges

It was an enriching session that allowed the consortium and the audience to get to know what was done in the various parceled projects. During the session, some specifications, and the scientific approach behind the several case studies that originated the demonstrators, some of which were on display outside the auditorium, were presented.

It is important to call attention to the fact that, when applying, the On-Surf Mobilized had only three demonstrators as goals to reach. After three years and nine months of collaborative work between the several entities involved in the project, the nine demonstrator’s milestone has already been reached, of which one product is already on the market and commercialized by the hardware company JNF, MICROsafe™JNF with an antimicrobial solution developed within the scope of the On-Surf project.

The images below show coated cutting tools, multi-coated cup mold inserts, chrome-plated plastic parts for the automotive sector and camera components chrome-plated using technologies compliant with REACH regulations.

This seminar included the presence of various RDT entities and companies such as TEandM, Moldit, Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Leica, Inovatools, Prirev, TJ Moldes e Palbit, as well as of participants operating in the same sector or simply interested in the theme in question.

Besides the enormous work effort put in the project, the session demonstrated the existence of innumerous opportunities to continue the work in this area, having several interlocutors interested in exploring more knowledge and producing more innovation on the national industrial tissue, based on this important sector.


18 of July of 2022