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LED&MAT gets visit from Escola Secundária Jaime Cortesão
RTD Laboratories
In the scope of the “Scientific Culture Promotion” initiative, a group of 10th grade students from Escola Secundária Jaime Cortesão visited our Laboratory for Waste, Testing and Materials (LED&MAT).

The students learned about the laboratory’s main activities when it comes to materials and dominant technologies and had the opportunity to watch the additive manufacturing of different 3D objects with different characteristics, including the biobased materials and customized geometries acquired by inverse engineering.

In addition, they witnessed the acquisition of 3D images of objects with different superficial finishes and their dimensional and topographic characterization. When it came to scanning electron microscopy, the students were able to watch the morphology of application pieces/samples in real-life context, in particular a sample from the industry (fracture) and one from research projects (filament for 3D impression).

During the visit, it was identified a subjacent technology highlighting the inherent advantages to this kind of observation. The X-ray diffraction technique was also explained briefly to the students while presenting concrete cases of its application, especially in the detection of harmful substances (asbestos) or minerals in geological samples, or in the evaluation of composts used in the pharmaceutical industry.

The visit was organized by the Chemistry Centre of Coimbra in collaboration with the IPN, the University of Coimbra’s Mechanical, Materials and Processes Engineering Centre and the Coimbra Center School Group.


15 of July of 2022