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IN-QUAL Newsletter 3

Newsletter 3
July 2020

IN-QUAL is the result of a European partnership which aims to:
  • Support entrepreneurship education providers in the improvement of their quality management systems
  • Promote a EU-wide culture of quality inspired by EQAVET standards
Over the last few months, we have been hard at work on the development, revision and finalisation of our online training course for Quality Managers!
The course aims to provide Quality Managers and VET providers with a set of easy-to-read and easy-to-implement actions to improve their quality management system.
  • 5 Modules (following the PDCA cycle)
  • 28 Action Cards
  • Personalised recommendations
  • Self-paced learning
  • Our constant support
Interested in rethinking your quality management system? Learn more about the course! 

Latest news

IN-QUAL's Fourth Meeting!

On June 22-23, IN-QUAL partners met online to wrap up the socially-distanced work of the past few months and make plans for the last phase of the project.

IN-QUAL project aims to support entrepreneurship education providers in the implementation of quality assurance systems and to promote a EU-wide culture of quality inspired by EQAVET standards.

Over the last few months since our meeting in November 2019, we have been hard at work on the development, revision and finalization of the contents of an online training course for Quality Managers, which will soon become available on our website.

The training course is composed of 5 Modules structured around the 4 phases of the quality improvement cycle (PDCA cycle):
1. Introduction
2. Planning
3. Implementation
4. Check
5. Review

The 5 Modules comprise a total of 28 Action Cards, short learning blocks designed to be easily implemented in a VET/EE institution to improve its quality management system.

While the online platform receives its finishing touches, the partnership is looking for VET/EE providers interested in testing the online course! If you are a Quality Manager in Belgium, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands or Portugal and are interested in this opportunity, learn more here and get in touch with us!

After selecting 30 Quality Managers, we will officially launch the testing phase starting in September 2020, followed by a final review of our online material and a set of final recommendations for entrepreneurship education providers and policy-makers.

COVID-19 has kept us apart but we are looking forward to these last few months of work with positive spirits and an even stronger desire for collaboration.

Next steps

Our online course is ready, but we need your feedback! We are looking for 30 Quality Managers from the following countries interested in testing the course with us: Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Netherlands.

The process will include an initial testing phase followed by the implementation of selected actions in your VET institution and supported by a two-stage review.



6 of July of 2020