Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN shares future experiences and opportunities with UC
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IPN shares future experiences and opportunities with UC
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IPN’s Laboratory for Informatics and Systems (IPNlis) was received at the Department of Informatics Engineering at the University of Coimbra (DEI-UC), on March 4th, to make its Open Day more dynamic. Several DEI-UC Researchers and University Professors received the IPNlis team at their facilities to reflect on the opportunities for joint collaboration between both institutions of the National Scientific and Technological System, in the areas that complement each other.

Marília Curado, Director of IPNlis, presented the differentiating skills of the laboratory and highlighted the vast and solid experience of her team in developing solutions that meet the challenges of business innovation, reinforcing IPN's capacity as a facilitating partner in the technology transfer process for the business fabric.

Alcides Marques, representing the coordinators of the laboratory, presented the audience with specific cases of services developed by IPNlis in response to market requests, namely from companies looking for this unit to develop solutions tailored to the specificity of their business challenge.

In order to create a facilitating environment for the discussion of ideas and opportunities for future collaborations between institutions, national and European ideas and funding opportunities were shared that can facilitate the realization of future collaborative activities.

This initiative forms part of the project co-funded by FITEC, Interface Programme, that aims to enhance the value of Portuguese products through innovation, increasing productivity, creating value and incorporating technology into the production processes of Portuguese companies. Overall, initiatives within the framework of the Interface programme aim to accelerate technology transfer from universities to companies, boost the certification of products, increase the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy and companies on national and international markets.


18 of March of 2020