Instituto Pedro Nunes - LED & MAT on mission in China
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LED & MAT on mission in China
RTD Laboratories
Jorge Corker, researcher at the Laboratory for Wear, Testing & Materials (LED & MAT (LED & MAT) was recently in Beijing and Fujian, province of China, participating in different initiatives, publicizing the work done by Instituto Pedro Nunes in the development of materials for energy efficiency and circular economy and as a speaker at different conferences and workshops. The purpose of this trip was to promote and strengthen future collaborations with Chinese scientific and technological entities.

On December 30th, Jorge Corker presented Instituto Pedro Nunes and the Powerskin Plus project at the China Academy of Building Research and the Chinese Academy of Forestry.


The next day, he visited the Research Institute of Wood Industry.

On January 3rd, Jorge Corker made a presentation at the 2020 Forum on advances in Low Carbon Building Materials and Structures on Building Energy Efficiency Insulation Materials and Products at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University.

To complete the mission, he visited to the Vacuum Insulation Panels factory at Advanced Material Co.


17 of January of 2020