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IN-QUAL Newsletter 2

Newsletter 2
November 2019

IN-QUAL is the result of a European partnership which aims to:
  • Support entrepreneurship education providers in the improvement of their quality management systems
  • Promote a EU-wide culture of quality inspired by EQAVET standards
Over the last few months, we have been conducting extensive research to assess the status quo of quality management provisions in entrepreneurship education across Europe. Based on such research, we have developed a Toolkit to support Quality Managers in their efforts to improve the quality management system of their organisation.

The Quality Management Toolkit is composed of:
  •  EU Baseline Report: the place to go to discover all of our background research, including policy, best practices and interviews with VET providers;
  •  Common Reference Framework: a practical collection of references and useful information including QM methodologies, tools and indicators;
  •  Guidelines: a hands-on set of recommendations to implement changes in your organisation's QM system.

Latest news
We recently met in Rome (Italy) to plan our next steps. On November 7-8, IN-QUAL partners met once again to wrap up the work done over the summer and plan the next steps.

IN-QUAL project aims to support entrepreneurship education providers in the implementation of quality assurance systems and to promote a EU-wide culture of quality inspired by the EQAVET standards.

Since the last meeting in June 2019, IN-QUAL partners have been hard at work to finalize the first result of the project: a three-parts toolkit to support VET providers of entrepreneurship education in assessing and revising their quality assurance provisions.

All of this will be reflected in an online training programme to be developed in the upcoming months: Quality Managers who log into the platform will receive a personalised recommendation on what modules of the training would best suit their needs (based on their level of experience and their availability in terms of time and resources). Each module can be completed online at one’s own pace and will offer Quality Managers easily implementable solutions to improve their quality assurance strategy.

After a productive meeting in the beautiful city of Rome, IN-QUAL partners are eager to move on to the next steps of the project and share their results.

Next steps
We are working on an online training programme for Quality Managers which will guide you to the most relevant actions to improve quality management in your organisation, based on your needs and availability of resources.


2 of December of 2019