Instituto Pedro Nunes - IPN INCUBADORA was honored to be recognized as a world top 10 University Business Incubator
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IPN INCUBADORA was honored to be recognized as a world top 10 University Business Incubator
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UBI Global, the Stockholm-based intelligence company and community, known for high-quality intelligence, assessment, and mapping of business incubation, released the top lists of business incubators and accelerators as assessed in the World Benchmark Study 2019 -2020. The recognitions and announcements took place at the World Incubation Summit 2019 in Doha, Qatar on November 6. Qatar Development Bank hosted this year’s event.

IPN INCUBADORA was honored to be recognized as a world top 10 University Business Incubator. This means that, as assessed by UBI Global, IPN INCUBADORA has demonstrated exceptional achievement in value for client startups, value for the local ecosystem, and overall attractiveness as a program as a whole.

“Following a rigorous data-driven approach, we assessed and benchmarked incubation programs across the world,” says Holger Meyer, Director of Research at UBI Global. ”Our World Benchmark Study 2019 - 2020 is in tune with the multiple facets of the international incubation ecosystem and illustrates key challenges and opportunities faced by the participating programs.”

“Being recognized as one of the world tops 10 performing University Business Incubation programs has a very important meaning for all our team, our University and, of course, our entrepreneurs because they are the true stars and major responsible for this. It is an honor, indeed, to be part of this exclusive club of amazing incubators worldwide and have the chance to share experiences and learn from all of them. The very thorough Benchmark made by UBI Global is a very powerful tool to help to assess and keep improving our program every year” says Paulo Santos, Executive Director of IPN INCUBADORA.

This year, 364 programs located in 78 countries were selected after assessing and validating the data received from programs seeking knowledge about themselves through the study. One of the outcomes of the benchmark study is identifying the world’s top incubator and accelerator programs, which include the following categories:

World Top University Business Incubators
World Top Public Business Incubators
World Top Private Business Incubators
World Top University Business Accelerators
World Top Public Business Accelerators
World Top Private Business Accelerators

The UBI Awards & Recognition Gala took place at the Museum of Islamic Art, an amazing facility with art on display from three continents spanning 1,400 years worth of history. The world top lists of programs were each recognized for outstanding performance in nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation.
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IPN Incubator - Association for the Development of Incubation Activities for Ideas and Businesses - is a private, non-profit institution created in 2002 on the initiative of Pedro Nunes Institute (IPN) and the University of Coimbra.
At the Incubator, companies in the first years of existence have access to conditions that promote access to the scientific and technological system and a wide range of services facilitating the startup process and entrance to the market through training in technical and management areas and contact with national and international markets. The Incubator provides support for the early stages of new innovative, technology-based or advanced services business projects. Priority projects are spin-offs arising from the University of Coimbra and startups that ensure a strong connection to the university environment, whether through students, faculty or RTD activities.
Since 1996 (beginning of incubation activities at IPN) this program has supported more than 320 startups, from which more of 70% are currently in activity and have had a total aggregated turnover of more than 200 M€ in 2018, with more of 60% of exports, and had employed more than 2.500 high qualified professionals, mostly with tech background.

About UBI Global
UBI Global is a Swedish-based intelligence company and community specializing in mapping, highlighting, and connecting the world of business incubation. Through a network of more than 1.000 member organizations from over 90 countries worldwide, UBI Global provides matchmaking, ranking, benchmarking, and research services to corporations and business incubation programs.
Previous results from UBI Global’s studies have been featured on BBC Radio, The Chicago Tribune, Le Figaro, Der Standard, The Huffington Post, The Irish Times, France 3, and many other media outlets around the world.

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Qatar Development Bank offers financial and advisory services to develop and empower Qatari entrepreneurs and innovators to contribute to the diversification of the Qatari economy, through successful small and medium enterprises that are able to compete in global markets.


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