Instituto Pedro Nunes - COGNIVITRA project will support people at risk of cognitive decline
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COGNIVITRA project will support people at risk of cognitive decline
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Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) hosted the kick-off meeting of the COGNIVITRA project, which will develop a technological tool to support the training of cognitive vitality at home. COGNIVITRA is led by IPN, through its Automation and Systems Laboratory, in a consortium involving partners from Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg.

The COGNIVITRA product will support at home people over 50 years old with a risk of cognitive impairment and with at least one risk factor for mental health. The solution integrates components to support cognitive and physical exercises with web-based tools and motion sensors on a centralized platform that will facilitate interface and communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

The growth in the incidence of different neurodegenerative diseases leading to cognitive impairment is a growing problem worldwide. Current care systems lack the resources to meet the growing number of patients requiring intervention, highlighting the need for new solutions.

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe and even the world, and it is estimated that in the next 30 years it will occupy the 4th place in the world. João Quintas, principal investigator for Active and Assisted Living (AAL), explains that "although cognitive decline stems from the natural aging process, it does not mean that it can not be retarded.

We need tools that are available to the community, but based on scientific knowledge and rigorous technological innovation, where the user is at the center of the development and present in the decisions about the implementation of these systems.That is why we have created this team, which has the clinical knowledge and the needs of professionals in the areas of neurology and psychology, as well as technical knowledge and capacity for innovation. 

COGNIVITRA is a project funded by the AAL Programme - Ageing Well in a consortium led by the Pedro Nunes Institute and involving NeuroInova, Parc Sanitari San Joan de Deu and RehaZenter. COGNIVITRA is a project funded by FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia)


29 of May of 2019